राष्ट्रीय रक्षा उत्पादन अकादमी
National Academy of Defence Production
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Technical Exhibits Centre (TEC):
  • The Technical Exhibits Centre (TEC) of NADP displays a wide range of product models and process activities for the entire range of Ordance Factories products to aid classroom learning.
  • Display of Ammunition, Weapons, Bombs, Shell, Cart cares, Rounds, Rockets, Hand grenades, Mines, Small Arms, Rifles, Carbines, Pistols, Machine guns, Primer, Fuses manufactured at Ordance Factories.
  • Translites of Manufacture of NG, NC, G fuel, TNT, Rocket Propellant, RDX, Lead Styphnate, Pyrotechnic Compositions.
  • In T E C, having models of Tanks like Ajeya, Sarath, T90-Bhishma, MBT Arjun, Vijayanta, LIG.
  • Models of Parachute like Brake Parachute for Jaguar Aircraft, Brake Parachute for MiG-23.